New releases

The New Guilds Of Ravnica Is Here... Available This Friday...


- Starfinder Star Classes: Solarians

- Starfinder Star Classes: Envoys



- MTG Guilds Of Ravnica (Booster, Planeswalker Deck, Bundle & Theme Booster)

- MTG Spellslinger Starter Decks


Games / Jeux

- Pre-Release Of Marvel Secret Wars-Battleworld Heroclix (October 6th)

- Subatomic

- Legendary Showdown

- Paper Tales Beyond The Gates

- Sailor Moon Dice Challenge


Trade Paperbacks

- Batman White Knight



- Magic the Gathering Ixalan And Rivals Of Ixalan Booster

- Magic Maze

- Rick & Morty: The Pickle Rick Game

- Batman Incorporated Vol. 1 & 2

- Green Arrow Vol. 5 (N52)

By: Benoit Brassard