New releases

Sheriff of Nottingham and Ghostbuster 2 Expansions!

- Pokemon Charizard GX Premium collection (this friday!)
- Yu-Gi-Oh! Code of the Duelist Special Edition

- Sheriff of Nottingham Merry Men
- Ghostbuster 2 Slimer Sea Fright Expansion
- Starfinder Condition cards
- Pathfinder Card Game: Tales Character Deck
- Heart of Crown Far East Territory
- DragoBorne Playmats

Trade Paperbacks
- Harley Quinn A Celebration of 25 years
- Nightwing TP Vol 03 Nightwing must die (rebirth)

- MTG Commander 2017
- DC Comics Deck Building Game
- HeroClix The Mighty Thor Boosters
- Starfinder Core Rulebook
- MetaX boosters

Sheriff of Nottingham Merry MenYu-Gi-Oh! Code of the duelist Special EditionHeart of Crown Far East Territory