New releases

Pour le fans de YGO un calendrier bien special / For YGO's fan a very special calendar...


- Unpainted Gargantuan Red, Green And White Dragon


- Pokemon SM8 Lost Thunder (Pour Vendredi / For Friday)

- Pokemon Pikachu And Evee Poke Ball Collection

- Pokemon Island Guardians GX Premium Collection


- YGO Advent Calendar

- YGO Zombie Horde Structure Deck

Star Wars Destiny

- The New Booster Box : Across The Galaxy

My Little Pony

- MLP CCG: Super Value Box

Games / Jeux

- Crystal Clan expansion : Fire Clan & Light Clan

- DC Comics DBG Green Lantern / Sinestro

Trade Paperbacks

- Jessica Jones TP Blind Spot

- Red Hood & The Outlaws Vol 4 Good Night Gotham

- Weapon H Vol 1 AWOL

- Weapon X Vol 4 Russian Revolution

- X-Men Blue Vol 5 Surviving Experience

- X-Men Deadly Genesis New PTG


- Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting 5E HC

- DND RPG Tyranny Of Dragons 1 - Hoard O/T Dragon Queen

- DND RPG Volos Guide To Monsters

- DND RPG Xanathars Guide To Everything

- Dragoborne Surge Of Titans Booster

- Saga TP Vol 4, 8 & 9

- Some DC and Marvel TP back in stock

- And Once again some Unpainted Minis

By: Benoit Brassard