New releases

MTG Ixalan, This War of Mine & Meeple War!

- MTG Ixalan
Boosters, bundle, deck buider toolkit (this Friday!)
- Pokemon Tins: Mysterious Powers (this Friday!)

- Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient (this Friday!)
- This War of Mine (this Friday!)
- Meeple War (this Friday!)
- D&D5E Critical Role Tal'Dorei
- Aladdin and The Magic Lamp
- My Little Pony: Unicorn Dice Set

Trade Paperbacks
- Deadpool Classic TP Vol 19 "Make War Not Love"
- Titans TP Vol 02 "Made in Manhattan" (rebirth)

- MTG Commander 2017
- Smash Up
- HeroClix Undead Gravity Feed
- D&D5E Player's Handbook

 MTG IxalanThis War of MinePotion Explosion The Fifth Element

By: Melissa Gobeil