New releases

MetaX Green Lantern! Star Trek Attack Wing Faction Packs!

- L5R: Meditations on the Ephemeral Dynasty Pack
- MetaX Green Lantern Booster Box

- Star Trek Attack Wing Dominion Faction Pack
- Star Trek Attack Wing Romulan Faction Pack
- A Column of Fire
- Bears VS Babies
- The Princess Bride: 30th Anniversary Pack
- Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

Trade Paperbacks
- Batman Vol.4: The War of Jokes & Riddles (Rebirth)
- Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol.1
- Rocket Vol.1: Blue River Score
- Suicide Squad Vol.4: Earthlings on Fire (Rebirth)
- Trinity Vol.1: Better Together (Rebirth)

- Welcome Back to The Dungeon
- Why First?!
- Codenames: Duet

MetaX Green Lantern Booster BoxBears VS BabiesDrWho Time of the Daleks

By: Melissa Gobeil