New releases

Lot of unpainted minis and restock in many TCG games

- Pokemon Kommo-o GX Box (this friday!)
- Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi's Collector Box (this friday!)

- Tons of new unpainted D&D, Pathfinder, and Wizkids minis!
- Sagrada
- Shark Island
- Flip Ships
- D&D Dice pouches
- Epic Roll Eclipse
- The Captain is Dead

Trade Paperbacks
- Deadpool Worlds Greatest TP Vol 9 Deadpool in Spa
- Guardians of Galaxy New Guard TP Vol 3 Civil War
- Harley Quinn TP Vol 3 Red Meat Rebirth

- Lot of DragoBorne Boosters (Resupply of singles soon!)
- Dragon Ball Super Boosters
- MTG Commander 2017
- Love Letter Box Edition
- Boss Monster Crash Landing
- HeroClix Undead
- King of Tokyo
- Istanbul Base Game

Shark IslandFlip ShipsSagrada

By: Melissa Gobeil