New releases

DragoBorne, Starfinder, and Champions of Midgard!

- DragoBorne Rally to War Boosters
- Pokemon Tsareena GX (Coming out this Friday)

- Starfinder RPG
Core Rulebook, GM Screen, Player Folio, and more!
- Pathfinder Card Game: Magnus Class Deck
- Champions of Midgard: Valhalla & The Dark Mountains
- Zombiecide Black Plague: Game Night Kit #1
- TMNT Hero Pack Casey Jones

Trade Paperbacks
- Batman Superman TP Vol 06 Universes Finest
- Deadpool 2099 TP
- Sixpack & Dogwelder Hard Travelin Heroz TP
- Superman TP Vol 02 Trials of The Super Son
- Teen Titans Earth One TP Vol 02

- DC Comics Deck Building

DragoBorne BoostersStarfinder Core RulebookChampions of Midgard Valhalla

By: Melissa Gobeil