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DragoBorne weekly on Thursdays as well as on Sundays!

A new DragoBorne weekly evening has been added to our many game tournaments!

Thursdays (New starting September 14th!)
Starts at: 6:30 pm

Starts at: 1:00 pm

Entry: 5$
Format: Constructed

1 booster pack will be awarded for each round won.
(Example: you finish 3-1, you get 3 boosters).


DragoBorne Oath of Blood

Booster Packs Vol 2 - Pre-Orders!

Release Date: November 10th, 2017

Please note, we started taking pre-orders for the next set. Since the first set sold rapidly, we suggest that you reserve your boxes this week by calling us or writing us an email!

Phone: 450-679-2221

Thank you!
- The Ménard comics crew

By: Melissa Gobeil